Thursday, May 27, 2004

"I have seen the face of Agamemnon"

Interesting article on Bronze Age DNA testing on the shaft graves at Mycenae where Heinrich Schliemann found the gold death masks. I found a different article in Archaeology, questioning the very discovery and background of the masks themselves.

I'll be away at a convention this weekend, but Homer is packed away in my carry-on bag. The "catalogue of ships" may prove a restful distraction in the airport. I do want to touch on Mandelei's comments on the relevance on Troy when I get back. Rewatching Michael Wood's documentary reminded me of his statement that "every generation of archaeologists reinterprets the story of the Trojan War." In some ways they find what they go looking for, whether glorious golden halls or war torn shanties. (I need to remember to check whether he was quoting someone or just a general observation.)


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