Thursday, May 20, 2004

In Search of a good documentary

I have not seen Troy yet. I’ve been reading some of the news articles that have cropped up on the archaeological side of Troy, from Archaeology magazine and US News and World Report. I did watch the added interview footage with Michael Wood for the In Search of the Trojan War dvd. I was a bit disappointed with the interview actually. They had such a great opportunity to update the documentary. Twenty years have passed since the original documentary was shot. A whole new generation of archaeologists has been excavating Troy and its environs. They even found Schliemann’s treasure hiding out in a Russian museum. But Michael Wood seemed more intent on retrospectives on the original, how he might have shot it now, looking back in hindsight. Although I did enjoy the reminders that it was literally shot in another time when the Berlin Wall was still intact. Most of the artifacts Wood wanted to see were housed in East Berlin so he spent a lot of time going past Checkpoint Charlie to the point he felt like he was in a John le Carré spy novel. Maybe this weekend, I'll find some spare hours to watch the rest of the dvds.


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